Our Events

Event Locations

Where we hold our meetings and events.

Event Types

Regular Meetings

We have our regular meetings every other Thursday evening at 5pm at the Board of Realtors Office in the Conference Room.

Member Presentations

New members are encouraged to schedule a presentation at which they may introduce themselves to the group and present an in-depth description of their business and the the criteria for qualifying leads and referrals for them.   These events are schedule at the regular meeting time take the place of a regular meeting.


Mixers are social events that are meant to bring many potential new members, leads, and members friends and family (no young children though) into the mix.  These events help to get the word out to the greater business community and the general public.  They are often held at restaurants or resorts or other special locations.  They may replace a regular meeting but are usually held on a weekend instead of a Thursday evening.

Special Events

We are open to suggestions from our members for virtually any type of event they would like to utilize the network’s resources and membership  to produce.   Anything that serves to promote and market our members’ businesses or provides access to new markets or business communities is likely to approved by the board.


Potential members may introduce themselves, their company and affiliations pertaining to the category for which they are interested in applying.  To maximize time for member introductions, social guests and guests of members with no intent to apply for membership, or whose category is taken by a current sitting member, may not discuss their company and affiliations.


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